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 Enstant TechnologyCo.,Ltd. Enstant should make life as easy as possible. Our diverse and talented team comes from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Members of our engineering team have worked for multinational corporations such as Huawei,Foxconn gaining years of enterprise-networking expertise.

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VG-200 Powerful Dual USB ports with 2.1-amp(Max)charger built into an outlet cover plate. Installs in seconds over any standard outlet in your home or business place; No wiring; No batteries; Just bring a screwdriver and a good attitude. For renters, this solution provides convenient wall charging that can be taken with you when you move.

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    Dear all friends, Enstant wall plate charger now goes over all over the north American marketing, you can check at the Amazon now.

  • Warm congratulations Enstant Technology CO., LTD. Web site on-line

    We have a talented sales team with rich experiences which set us above the rest. The members of our engineering team used to work multi-national corporation such as Huawei and Foxconn, which make the gain a good foundation of enterprise-networking expertise.

  • Wall Plate Duel

    Enstant VG series wall plate charger, change the fussy into simple. Just enjoy your conveinence daily charging!

  • FEATURES & BENEFITS of Wall Plate Charger

    Creatively combine an ordinary faceplate with convenient USB ports No Wires or Batteries!

  • Really Wall plate with two USB charger

    As an ordinary office worker,most work is brush circle of friends and see hot news.Especially in the living room eating dinner, eating fruit salad.Then brush the side of the circle of friends,it is how pleasant thing.Even if the phone is no electricity,I can also at the dinner table Direct USB charging socket,really easy.

  • If you think about it

    If you think about it, success is really just a form of distance: Rate x Time. It’s how fast you travel times how long you travel. Reaching success is like taking a car from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you want to be. With enough TIME, you’ll reach your destination no matter how slow you move.