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If you think about it

Date:2017-06-19 14:39:49         

If you think about it, success is really just a form of distance: Rate x Time. It’s how fast you travel times how long you travel. Reaching success is like taking a car from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you want to be. With enough TIME, you’ll reach your destination no matter how slow you move.


Long ago, none of us knew how to add, subtract, multiply or divide. It was hard at one point for everyone. But thousands of problems later, basic arithmetic is effortless. In the same way that I can ask you “what’s 2+2?” and reflexively receive “4” from you, you can produce this kind of response in any skill you work to refine.


But success is really not just about working harder, it's also about working smarter--increasing the RATE at which we achieve our goals. We've all heard it at one point in our lives: "I'm bad at math," "I'm bad at talking to people," "I'm not smart." And at that time, it might be true! But your skill level--the rate at which you achieve success--is not static, but DYNAMIC. Realizing this and thinking of ways to improve how you think and approach problems is essential in every walk of life. Complaining doesn't solve problems. It's key to realize that stress and suffering are not just things to lament, but are opportunities for GROWTH!

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