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Really Wall plate with two USB charger

Date:2017-06-27 16:25:03         

As an ordinary office workermost work is brush circle of friends and see hot news.Especially in the living room eating dinner, eating fruit salad.Then brush the side of the circle of friendsit is how pleasant thing.Even if the phone is no electricityI can also at the dinner table Direct USB charging socketreally easy.


Compared to the previouswhen the family did not install the USB jack socketeach half will play all over the world to find the charger.Sometimes data line also is very easy to find, bag with at any time, but is hard to find plug.Like I love this casual throw the main thing to find the charger plug is really not an easy thing.


Fortunately, when the living room , dining room under renovation through friends introduced in use Enstant the plug with usb interface.

Now I use more convenientno electrical connection can be charged at any time Really convenient.


Now, I have fell in love with playing mobile phone on the sofa of the sitting room.You can be charged at any time anywhere to play,especially recently hooked on TV , on the couch watching TV with a cell phone is really a very pleasant thing .

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