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ET-100 Wall Plate Night Light

ET-100 is one of Enstant Night Light series product. It bases on the Enstant wall plate charger’s original concept, supply the user a convenient and useful night light.

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VG-200 wall plate charger

The plate is made of the imported PC of high quality featured by tenacity and impact resistance and fire resistance beside, the LED charge lamp of low-power consumption is adopted by plate. the shutter in socket aperture with double-layer aims to protect family members from single insertion. At last, the multi-functional socket with 220v works well with all plugs worldwidely

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VG-400 Wall Plate Charger

VG-400 is one of Enstant wall plate charger, which with strongest 4 USB ports to supply you the powerful charging capacity. Have you ever meet just like: feel not enough ports to charge at home/ office/ other public places. So our ET-400 just meet all you need in power charging. With one ET-200, and then solve all the charging problem for you/ your families/ your friends/ your team works.

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VG-500 wall plate charger

Nowadays we could easy to search out the information on internet about the mobile phone overcharged and to see many tragedy happened on the mobile phone. Small agonizing case as the battery is not durable, stand-by time is shorter and shorter; big one as the battery burned up and bombed. It makes us peeping to take a glance at our electrical outlet, and praying for no case happening on ourselves.

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VG-600 wall plate charger

To know the efficiency of USB charger, the most visualized way is to count the power of USB charger through out electric current and tension. It has marked on the plate that it can distribute electric current smartly, and the biggest output of electric tension/current is 5V/3.1A for each USB port.

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VG-800 Wall Plate Charger

Do you like a smart wall plate charger? Do you like one reliable night light? Or you just need both these two functions? Yes, that is right. Our VG-800 is that product what you need. The smart wall plate charger with the night light function. With the 2 in 1 function, ET-800 supply you the most convenient charging ways and just to enjoy the enough light at night. Enstant night light, drink away the darkness for you.

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