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AC-DC adapter 12w

AC-DC adapter 12w



Input Voltage Range: 90V-264Vac

Input Frequency Range:47-63Hz

Input Current:0.3A max

Inrush Current: 60A at least 230Vac, Cold Star, 25

Efficiency Level:V

Ripple and Noise: 100-180mV



Safety Parameter:


Operation Temp: 0-40℃

Abnormal Sound: 40db max, no sound room

Leakage Current: <0.25mA

Insulation Resistance: 50M ohm min

Dielectric Withstanding Strength: 3000Vac, 60Sec





MTBF:50000 Hours

Electroanalysis Capacitor: >12000 Hours

Thermal Derating: <80%

Drop: 1000mm to concrete




Key Features


Light, Extra, Human Mechanics Design compact

High efficiency green power, full complies with CEC

Level V, MEPS V EUP2010

Extra safe protection function design with respective safety approvals

Suitable for an extremely wide range of application

Such as: Mobile phone/Pos/Set-top-box/ADSL/Hard disk drive/AV product/

        Household application etc.

AC-DC adapter 12w

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