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About VG-Series Product FAQ Summary


#1----Question:  Will the installation hard?

Answer:  It is very easy, just need 3 steps and in 10 seconds, please refer to the user manual or consult to your seller.


#2----Question:  How do the USB ports get power?

Answer: It has little metal clips that go through to the screw terminus on the side of the electrical outlet behind the faceplate. 


#3----Question:  Can I clean it?

Answer:  Just like your original plate, but be ensure your power circuit is power off first.


#4----Question:  How long is the warranty?

Answer:  For OEM brand, 1 year after sales-serivces; while for Enstant brand, we provide 2 years after sales-serivce;


#5---Question:  What can I do if the green LED does not light, or lights intermittently?

Answer:  Please ensure as bellow:

1 ): The wall plate is fully seated on top of the outlet

2): The screw is tightened snugly

3): The two electrical sockets are at least flush with the plate, or slightly protruding out from the plate;

4) : you should use original USB cables; the indicators will be lighting;


#5----Question:What’s the problem when the indication LED indication lamp light but it doesn’t charge

Possible reasons:

1): The charging cable is no good

2): The charged device’s input out of the 2.1A


1): Change the charging cable, original is best.

2): Your charged device is not compatible.


#6---Question: It can charge but the LED indication lamp doesn’t light.

Possible reason: The inside shield cable of the charging cable is bad.

Solution: Change another charging cable with good shield cable.


#7----Question: What can I do when it neither works nor LED indication lamp light.

Possible reasons:

1): The product’s metal clips do not touch the electronics outlet.

2): The product’s metal clips shape changed, can’t contact the electronics outlet

3): The installation way is wrong.

4): The electronic outlet is not suit for our this product


1): Please make sure the product’s metal clips touch the electronics outlet well.

2): Take out the product from the outlet, to check and adjust the metal clips.

3): Refer to the user manual and install the product in a correct way.

4): Try on another electronics outlet which compatible with our this product.

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